Welcome to Ashgrove Dance Studio

Principals Wendy and Judy Lowe's studio offers a caring, nurturing environment, personal attention, talented instructors and confidence boosting experiences. 

Ashgrove Dance Studio is locally-owned, family-run dance studio that has been part of the Ashgrove community for more than 100 years with Wendy and Judy celebrating their Sapphire Anniversary (45 years) as principals in 2018.

We look forward to sharing our love of dance with every student because at Ashgrove Dance Studio, every dancer is a Star!




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February 17, 6:44 am

Hope you all have a stylist week

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February 16, 9:43 am

A spot of tap typing https://m.facebook.com/story.php?stor ...

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February 16, 2:57 am

Happy weekend

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February 13, 9:10 pm

We all have special people in our lives who would appreciate hearing we love them. So make today not just about your partner but all those who have a ...

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February 11, 7:28 am

There's such excitement about our new floor the girls can't wait for it to be installed before dancing on it. Want to help our fundraising effort? Cl ...

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February 10, 2:47 am

How exciting! St Paul's is finally getting some new Harlequin flooring installed. The boxes have been delivered and we can't wait for it to be install ...