Welcome to Ashgrove Dance Studio

Ashgrove Dance Studio is a locally-owned, family-run business that has been part of the Ashgrove community for more than 100 years.

Our studio offers caring nurturing personal attention, talented instructors and confidence boosting experiences. 

At Ashgrove Dance Studio, every dancer is a Star!




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May 25, 6:54 am

Today is International Tap Dance Day Whether you are an aspiring Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, or Ginger Rogers, or whether you simply enjoy celebrating ...

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May 23, 11:16 am

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May 19, 4:27 am

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May 18, 7:40 am

Friday Flashback - Check out Miss Judy having a fun time back in her Ballet Theatre days

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May 18, 3:05 am

Very cool Irish hard shoe video. It says tap in the title but isn’t. Check it out

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May 15, 11:01 am

A little Boogie for your Tuesday night